Tuesday, May 25, 2010

buon giorno!

buon giorno a mi amici italiani. grazie per leggere. espero che visito italia un giorno!

thanks momma for helping me write to my italian friends.

Monday, May 24, 2010

celebrity dog

here is prince andrea casiraghi in nice with his royal pooch, daphne. that is one sweet ride she's got!

momma can i get a ride like that 'cause sometimes i get real tired of walking.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

rain rain

there is some seriously bad weather going on today here in p town. i think i'm just going to hang out under the bed all day.

besides, i don't want to mess up my hair!

Monday, May 17, 2010

lulu as a logo?

while working on her other blog over here, momma came across this frenchie french fashion line with a doggie that looks a little bit like me as their muse. now momma is all up in arms that i will be her inspiration for her own logo.

what do you think? do you think the world is ready for lulu as a logo? i'm just not sure if there is enough of me to go around to keep up with all of the demand!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

i rock

you may not know it but i really rock. oh yeah, i'm digging this song!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

ode to roy

roy, i would like to take this opportunity to ask you, "what the heck were you thinking?" i know you are still a puppy and all but i gotta tell you, eating poisonous stuff is not a good idea. you really scared my momma and daddy and scared your momma, too. so please, please, please never do this again. because i don't know what i would do if you weren't here to join in on all the great adventures we have together. there is a reason momma calls you "good times roy". you really do know how to have a good time and sometimes when i'm grumpy, i really need you to remind me to snap out of it and have FUN!

when you first came to live with us when you were a puppy, i admit, i was a little jealous.

but then we got to be friends and i had someone to play with.

we went to your momma's soccer games together and it was so much fun. i thought i should give you a nice lick on the nose.

and there is absolutely nobody like you when it comes to snuggling and nap time.

and tag teaming the cats is one of our favorite past times. it's just not the same when i have to do it alone.

what about the time we got to play in the snow for the first time together? how fun was that?

and laundry? well nobody knows how to make laundry fun like you do.

i know you're all grown up and bigger than me now but you'll always be younger than me.

so you better listen to me and be good and stay out of the bad stuff because the day we almost lost you was the saddest day we've ever had as a family.

*note to all pet lovers, roy got into something toxic over the weekend and had to be rushed to the vet. they think it was something like slug bait, compost or fertilizer. if we had not gotten him there so quickly, he would not be here today. so please, please, keep these things put away out of your pets reach when working in the yard. and if your pets are acting unusual at all (panting excessively, shaking, scared), get them to the vet right away. it took 48 hours for them to get it out of his system (and a lot of money). he's back and doing great but i hope this never ever happens again. -hawthorne girl

and thank you to the northwest veterinary specialists for taking such good care of our baby boy.