Friday, July 29, 2011

holiday dog

ok, i know it's not a holiday but i just had to post this fabulous postcard from nars.

i even know what nars's that creamy stuff in a tube that momma puts all over her lips. i really just prefer chewing on the tube.

Friday, July 8, 2011

celebrity dog 6

i realize that this is not quite one of my superior breed buddies, but i feel a kinship with this pooch due to the smooshed face, snorting, tooting and big bottom similarities we share. besides, i know if we ran into each other, we'd hit it off great.

apparently ashley's baby gets to travel around with her, even on airplanes. how come i have to stay home when momma goes on her trips? i'm on to her now...hey, where's my suitcase?

did someone say cookies?

momma told me she found this picture on-line about a poor dog being tempted with cookies. i mean, who does that? that's just not right.

gimme one of those!