Monday, July 2, 2012

le muse

hello all of my lovely friends. i hope all is going well for you this summer. it's still pretty cold here in p-town, yesterday i was shiverin like nobody's business. isn't it supposed to be warm this time of year? oh i need a tropical vacation!
so some fun and exciting news is that i was a little muse for momma's friend debbie, the painter. she had a gallery opening last thursday and i was one of many very good looking pooches to have been selected to hang on the gallery wall.
momma thought it would be fun for me to go to the event to say hi to everyone and i must say, i got lots and lots of attention. momma and i loved the painting so much that we thought it needed to come home with us too. happy fourth of july everyone. i'll be hiding under my blankie that day. hopefully momma will bring me some good snacks home, though!